Ergostasio Naxos Greece



The history of the olive press officially begins in 1880, when Grigoris Vallindras decided to set up a hand-operated olive press. Almost fifty years later, the olive press passes into the hands of Markos Vallindras who modernises the press installing a generator and establishing the first company to provide electrically powered lights in the area.

Along with his nephew, Ioannis Sakelliadis, Markos Vallindras continued to run the olive press for many years despite the declaration of war.

Today the olive press belongs to Ioannis Sakelliadis’ daughter, Mina Veroni, who appointed two architects, T. Billi and M. Magnisali for the purposes of its restoration.

It is of interest to note that the building was originally considered to have existed in Venetian times as a tower belonging to the House of Kokkou.

The activities of the Vallindras family, and subsequently, the Sakelliadis family, played a major role in the financial and cultural development of the area.

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