Ergostasio Naxos Greece

Ergostasio Naxos

A history spanning 400 years
opens doors to the eyes of today

The Olive Press of Markos Vallindras is once again ready to welcome visitors, providing a unique experience.

Be guided through this atmospheric space, discovering the way in which olive oil was produced a hundred years ago.



The history of the olive press officially begins in 1880, when Grigoris Vallindras decided to set up a hand-operated olive press…


The Present...

To Ergostasio, as it is still known today, continues to be held in great regard. It is a monument which allows us to explore the past, keeping its memory alive…

Olive Oil Tastings...

The most important, the most prized…the epicentre of Greek cuisine…the very heart of our culture…olive oil.

Kaloxylos Village

The beautiful village at Tragea valley, once known as To Mikro Parisi (The Little Paris) for its elegance and beauty and well known for its pretty houses.

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